State Conference

The SkillsUSA Maryland State Championship offers state-level competitions for high school (middle and PS) student members enrolled in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. To better appreciate the diversity of competitions available to students see 2023 State Championship Competition List

Each Spring (2024 dates TBA), the State Championship showcases Maryland CTE students from across the state who compete in a wide variety of skilled, occupationally-related and leadership events. The first place “gold medal” winners qualify to represent Maryland at the annual National SkillsUSA Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC), in Atlanta, Georgia, June 24-29, 2024.

SkillsUSA Maryland paid Professional Members (ie. advisors/instructors) have online access to the latest competition Technical Standards. Go to and click the “Join” button at the top of the home page to access this information. 

IMPORTANT: Students interested in participating in local, regional and state competitions must receive/review 2024 Contest Technical Standards as soon as possible to successfully prepare for competitions.

Contest Technical Standards examples:

Automotive Service Technology 2023 Technical Standards

Electrical Construction Wiring 2023 Technical Standards

Cyber Security 2023 Technical Standards

TeamWorks 2023 Technical Standards

Web Design & Development 2023 Technical Standards

Delegate and Delegate Assembly Information

SkillsUSA is a Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO), whereby student members are charged with the responsibility of governing the affairs associated with the student constitution. Chapters are entitled to student voting delegates commensurate with their membership to represent the views of their chapter within the structure of the State House of Delegates. Please be sure your chapter is represented at the SkillsUSA Maryland annual Delegate Assembly, held on the first day of the State Championship. Learn more about serving as a State Delegate by reviewing the instructions.

2024 State Voting Delegate Instructions

Professional Development Test

Students participating in SkillsUSA Maryland state competitions must complete a professional development (PD) online test before the State Championship. PD test scores will determine contestant rankings when technical scores are close. Students are strongly encouraged to review SkillsUSA Framework and related information in preparation for the PD test. A study guide will be available soon.

Competition Updates

Contest updates will be posted to this webpage as they are received. For example, here are past updates for 2023 state competitions:


Action Skills

Additive Manufacturing  2023 AMF Contest Update.3.16.23

Additive Manufacturing Design Challenge.3.21.23

Advertising Design 

American Spirit 

Architectural Drafting AD Contest Update.3.6.23

Audio/Radio Production 

Automotive Maintenance Light Repair 

Automotive Refinishing Technology 2023 ART Contest Update.3.22.23  

Automotive Service Technology

Baking and Pastry Arts CB Contest Update.1.31.23

CB Contest Update #2_2.17.23

Basic Health Care Skills  


Carpentry 2023 C Contest Update.3.21.23

Career Pathways Showcase   

Collision Repair Technology 2023 CRT Contest Update.3.22.23

Computer Programming 

Cosmetology CO Contest Update#

CO Contest Update #

CO Contest Update #

Crime Scene Investigation 

Criminal Justice  

Culinary Arts  CA Contest Update.1.31.23

Customer Service  2023 CUS Contest Update.3.15.23

Cyber Security 2023 CY Contest Update.3.16.23

Digital Cinema Production  2023 VPD Prompt.3.22.23

Diesel Equipment Technology 

Early Childhood Education 2023 PRE Contest Update.3.20.23

Electrical Construction Wiring 2023 ECW Conttest Update.3.17.23

Emergency Medical Technician Demo  2023 EMT Demo Update.3.13.23  

Employment Application Process 

Engineering Technology

Entrepreneurship  ENTR Contest Update.3.10.23

Esthetics EST Contest Update.2.10.23

Extemporaneous Speaking

Firefighting 2023 FF Contest Update.3.17.23

First Aid/CPR 

Graphic Communications  

Health Knowledge Bowl 


Industrial Motor Control  

Information Technology Services  

Internetworking 2023 NET Contest Update.3.16.23

Job Interview  2023 JI Contest Update.3.8.23

Job Skill Demonstration A 

Job Skill Demonstration Open 


Medical Math 

Medical Terminology   

Nail Care  2023 NAIL Contest Update.3.14.23

Photography  2023 P Contest Update.3.14.23

2023 P Contest Update #2 3.15.23

Pin Design 

Plumbing  2023 PLB Contest Update.3.16.23

Promotional Bulletin Board 

Quiz Bowl 2023 Quiz Bowl Contest Update.3.22.23

Related Technical Math 

Restaurant Service  FBS Contest Update.2.17.23

FBS Contest Update #2 2.22.23

FBS Contest Update#3 3.10.23

Sheet Metal 

T-shirt Design 

TeamWorks 2023 TW Contest Update.3.8.23

Television (Video) Production 

Web Design 


Welding Fabrication  2023 WF Contest Update.3.16.23

Welding Sculpture 


2023 State Championship Archives


2023 State Championship Program.3.21.23

2023 State Championship Competition List (Revised 1/11/23)

 2022 State Championship Archives

2022 State Medalists / Individual Contestant Scores

SkillsUSA Maryland 2022 Awards Ceremony Video